Sanguine Armour

Strange Archeotech Armor with Healing Properties

Locations AP Wt Qualities Avalibility
All 6 14 kg Powered, Sealed Unique

Powered: ’+5 S
Sealed: Acts as a Void Suit
Talents: Autosanguine
Archeotech Power Fist [0m, 2d10† E, 9, Power Field ]
Archeotech Lasgauntlet [90m, S/–/–, 1d10+2 E, 3, F, Reliable, Twin-Linked]


Found by the crew on their initial foray into the Silver Ship, these strange armours were driving their deceased occupants to attack the crew. One set was undamaged in the fight and a second was put together from the remaining parts by Tech-Priest Atticus Casare.

Sanguine Armour

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