Darrius Wayfarer



Much like Cleric John Preston in “Equilibrium”, Darrius is an expert in close combat, be it with pistols or with blades.

Now he’s on a mission of vengeance against the corrupt police force that murdered his brother Godwinne Wayfarer. He’ll stop at nothing to bring justice to his kin and family name.

Quarters Description:

The cold colors of blue, black, and grey mark the main decorum. A warriors tatami mat and a small shrine to Godwinne, his late betrayed brother. A Gun rack in the corner with an assortment of ammunition and parts.

The configuration is specific, functional more than aesthetic. It, like Darrius Wayfarer, seems designed for a single purpose. Revenge.


Despite his highborn upbringing, Darrius has been forged on the anvil of tragedy, beaten into a cold, steal-eyed visage of his former self. Sometimes the pain of loss and the bite of betrayal can break a man’s spirit. Sometimes it can set him loose on a path of vengeance…

Now he seeks passage on treasure-bound vessels bent on diving into the depths of the void. His rage keeps the smell of his next lead fresh in his nose, as he bides his time in pursuit of his brothers’ murderers.

Darrius Wayfarer

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