Fleet Hargrave

Darrius: For Dessert: The Lieges' Assassin

Duty-Bound to Play the Bloodhound

I thought as we landed at Footfall that we had finally put the byzantine labyrinth behind us. I’d never have stepped foot on that rock had I known we were about to dive head first into a haystack in search of needles.

It was clear from the booty and residual bloodlust that all of us had gear fever. We needed provisions, toys, and ammunition, and were well on our way to unwrap presents before the landing dust had settled.

It helped that we were Rogue Traders with good fortune at our backs, but it was pivotal that we essentially became the stewards of this dusty rock the second we stepped foot on it. Having the prestigious Captian Jace Hargrave in our ranks certainly improved one’s situation from the outset, where ever one found themselves in the Void.

Of course, with rank comes duty in tandem with privilege. We were asked to meet with the city’s Liege for dinner immediately upon arrival. It was here that the situation took a turn for the worse.

I didn’t care much for the chatter had at the table before the “incident”, but having asked my obligatory EAA inquiry, I was content to let the jovial sloth with his marionette strings dangling for all to see, banter on about nothing with half an ear cocked.

Which is why I was surprised that the assassin got the jump on me, let alone on us all. But there it was, a Serving Girl evaporating suddenly into a brute with a hidden blade, already inserted into the Liege’s throat, blood blooming into a rose blossom on his lapel like red wine carelessly splashed in a bout of intoxication.

I sometimes feel the hand of fate sweeping me briskly onto the path of destiny when I start to stray. But at other times, I can see the way, know the future through the projecting power of synchronicity, and things seem to just…click. I am firmly on the path, in complete harmony with the universe as I let it bend me to its will. This was just such a time.

I knew we had to act quickly, and having given up our weapons (despite my best attempts at concealment), my manacles were the only form of immediate restraint.

I willed myself to hurdle across the table and tackle the brute to the ground, faster than any other in the room. Fate had agreed with my assessment, and swept me once again onto the dusty road of destiny.

This fateful burst of Agility became the winning stroke. We wrangled the brute a few more seconds before I finally restrained it with the help of the Ork. Unfortunately, it would prove only a temporary confinement…

The situation seemingly resolved, I made a B-Line for my weapons, pushing aside the guards to gain access to the locker in the other room. At this same moment, apparently, the brute was in the throes of suicide; a hidden tooth-pill. Clever…someone else had to have had a hand in planning this from the sheer sophistication of it all.

Tech-Priest Atticus Casare managed to keep the Liege alive through a miracle of Medicae and ritualistic-tech-juices, though in what capacity remains to be seen.

So for dessert, we were served an obligatory job to investigate this assassination attempt and root out the conspirators. The ‘Needles’.

Now we have a slew of potential leads, scattered about and seemingly unrelated, ‘red as a herring can get’ as the saying goes. An opportunity perhaps to close in on my latest lead on the EAA, but where to start? The ‘Haystack’.

My only consolation is having the time needed to train with my melee weapons. I’ve been picking up some techniques from the Ork as he attempts to wield 2 now that his precious Choppa’ is dismantled.

I must say, I do like the idea of using both my swords…or perhaps a sword and pistol? We’ll see what I dig up in the haystack…



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