Fleet Hargrave

Darrius: Clever Girl...

Terrorax, Meet Bertha

Having met our welcoming party with equal fervor, we set out to find the Terrorax. One might have assumed we were the hunters, but little did we know that we were being watched…

Trudging through the growth, something suddenly grabbed Captian Jace Hargrave and pulled him swiftly into the overgrown jungle.

After a righteous shot from Kazzar the Ratter that blew off it’s arm, Biggz and I were first to give pursuit. I fired an Inferno round that hit it square in the head, and Biggz dealt a blow strong enough to coax it into releasing our Captain.

We continued to pursue it as it bolted into the foliage. Tracking the blood spatter we eventually followed the tracks to the Maze city we came to Burnscour to locate. It appears the beast had made its home in this desolate, mysterious crystalline fortress.

It wasn’t long after entering the structure that we were welcomed yet again by the wilds of Burnscour. Strange human-like creatures began to descend from the ceiling in coils, bent on our destruction. We made quick work of them before continuing on the bloody Terrorax Trail.

The spatter lead deep into a burrow in the fortress, where we came face to face with the beast of lore. Terrorax, meet Bertha.

So with Benedict Fenhoff’s prize in hand, we continued to explore the fortress.

It appeared to us, that this place may have been a lab of sorts in its glory days.

A short while later we encountered the same plinth structure seen back in the Maze City. Only problem was we were missing an Eldar, particlualry one with a Crystal Key to the plinth.

A quick exploration of the remaining rooms led us finally to a network of magic tunnels, a strange effect scrambling the senses and all semblance of direction. With some effort, we finally located the Crystal Key, same as our Eldar friend had used to activate the Maze City.

And now the next problem: light. Or the lack there of. We needed a way to power the fortress. Thankfully Tech-Priest Atticus Casare jury-rigged a device to absorb and spread out the light, which allowed us to power the fortress just long enough to open the lid of the plinth.

To the victor go the spoils, and we were certainly spoiled with what we determined later to be a Cloaking Device of Xenos origin. So with booty to show for our efforts, we made our way back to the fleet.



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