Fleet Hargrave

Darrius: Clever Girl...
Terrorax, Meet Bertha

Having met our welcoming party with equal fervor, we set out to find the Terrorax. One might have assumed we were the hunters, but little did we know that we were being watched…

Trudging through the growth, something suddenly grabbed Captian Jace Hargrave and pulled him swiftly into the overgrown jungle.

After a righteous shot from Kazzar the Ratter that blew off it’s arm, Biggz and I were first to give pursuit. I fired an Inferno round that hit it square in the head, and Biggz dealt a blow strong enough to coax it into releasing our Captain.

We continued to pursue it as it bolted into the foliage. Tracking the blood spatter we eventually followed the tracks to the Maze city we came to Burnscour to locate. It appears the beast had made its home in this desolate, mysterious crystalline fortress.

It wasn’t long after entering the structure that we were welcomed yet again by the wilds of Burnscour. Strange human-like creatures began to descend from the ceiling in coils, bent on our destruction. We made quick work of them before continuing on the bloody Terrorax Trail.

The spatter lead deep into a burrow in the fortress, where we came face to face with the beast of lore. Terrorax, meet Bertha.

So with Benedict Fenhoff’s prize in hand, we continued to explore the fortress.

It appeared to us, that this place may have been a lab of sorts in its glory days.

A short while later we encountered the same plinth structure seen back in the Maze City. Only problem was we were missing an Eldar, particlualry one with a Crystal Key to the plinth.

A quick exploration of the remaining rooms led us finally to a network of magic tunnels, a strange effect scrambling the senses and all semblance of direction. With some effort, we finally located the Crystal Key, same as our Eldar friend had used to activate the Maze City.

And now the next problem: light. Or the lack there of. We needed a way to power the fortress. Thankfully Tech-Priest Atticus Casare jury-rigged a device to absorb and spread out the light, which allowed us to power the fortress just long enough to open the lid of the plinth.

To the victor go the spoils, and we were certainly spoiled with what we determined later to be a Cloaking Device of Xenos origin. So with booty to show for our efforts, we made our way back to the fleet.

Darrius: Jurrasic Perks - The Jungles of Burnscour
'Wait, We're Hunting What Now?!'

After arriving back on the ship from Footfall, we discussed our next assignment with Commander Agrippa Lupus.

We suggested that we pursue another dig site location with some of the surviving crew we brought back from the Maze City, and he advised us that a wealthy hunter by the name of Benedict Fenhoff was searching for a great beast in the wilds of Burnscour. We obliged to pick him up and assist as we searched for the next Maze City.

After a quick stop on Footfall we headed to the planet.

Thick with overgrowth, the wilds of Burnscour were treacherous, alive, and deadly. We burned a small landing in the growth before touching down. As if the planet itself were aware of our presence, a wild pack of beasts tore through the brush and attacked our position. We let hell rain fire on them and eventually beat back the pack.

What lies ahead now?

Darrius: Footfall Jones and the Temple of Doom
Dead Bodies, Little Girls, & A Lot of Devil Worshipers

We journeyed to the Pit of Voices to consult the Astropaths about the whereabouts of the Assassin’s Masters.

Strange place, felt like something was crawling underneath my skin. Voices faintly whispering in my ears and almost discernible shapes in my periphery.

So in a way I wasn’t surprised when we came across some corpses lying on the floor that provided an anchor for a viscous and permeable cloud of magic that swirled, expanded and contracted from the corpse, shooting projectiles of magic at us as we tried to figure out how to fell it. Apparently the bodies were connected, and a quick Krak grenade did the trick.

Not long after that encounter we ended up in front of a little girl, seemingly innocent were it not for the trance-like gleam in her eyes, head cocked in a contorted and visceral way.

After psychically disarming our friends of lesser intellect, she spoke to Sybil and we were able to ascertain that our Assassin’s masters resided somewhere thought to be abandoned.

With careful consideration we surmised that the Statue of the God Emperor would more than suffice to hide in plain sight. So we ventured in…

The most unholy of sacraments was taking place in the statues innards. Dozens of zealots worshiping tenaciously, whipping up a fervor of religious mischief. So we decided to rain on their parade, and we let the bullets fly.

We made swiss cheese of most of them, then took out the head priest, whose body crumbled into an unholy demon. Sometimes I wonder why I ever bothered to journey with this group; this was anything but a step in the direction of my brother’s killers.

After dispatching the sycophants, we made our back to the ship for new orders, the Liege’s assassin and his ilk brought finally to justice. I was happy to get off this forsaken rock and back into the calm of the void.

Caught the Scent
A Distinct Dislike of Loose Ends

Our new day begins with requestioningVladaym Tocara and Preacher Ywane with little further success. Neither of them really knew the Liege that well and seemed to only spend so much time around him for business’ sake rather than comraderie. They can’t point us in any viable direction. Apparently Lieges don’t last long on Footfall to begin with. Whoever kills the Liege, seizes the title, but then why hasn’t the person behind the attempted assassination come forward?

Fortunately, there’s a small lead regarding The Tudors, a group specializing in the growing and selling of custom-made slaves. With any luck, they can point us to who purchased the assassin. Upon arrival, some of my comrades find themselves immediately lost in the “wares” this company furnishes. Kazzar the Ratter immediately began to ogle some female slaves that were, shall we say, “enthusiastic to please” while Atticus stared longingly at a special heavy weapons servitor like a child at festival eying a spinning top.

The Tudors’ leader, a man of more machinery than organic matter called The Provisor came in to meet us. As Rogue Traders and therefore the impromptu law of Footfall, he was ready to assist in any way to clear the Tudors of any suspicion. It would seemed the assassin, with his vat grown synthetic muscles and other such recognizable features, was indeed of Tudors’ make. One of their newer assassin models, sold just over a month ago to a fellow with gaunt features, strange tattoos, and wearing robes. Not surprisingly, the assassin was not sold with the strange circular patterns carved into him but it would appear those were added on later by the buyer or buyers of the unit.

After convening with the Provisor and insisting he let us know of any other information he should remember in the days to come (and somehow leaving with a lot of indecent lady slaves and a servitor big enough to attach a slide and monkey bars to), we were told to head to the Obsidian Emporial in search of where the assassins dagger may have come from. Perhaps a man of similar appearance or another accomplice acquired the weapon from there. The crystalline blade is clearly of Xenos origin, and our intel says that with an item of this nature, it more than likely came from this auction house.

Upon entering, I’m simply astounded by all the different items of both Xenos and human craft around me (I even finally give into temptation and buy myself a VERY good cloak). As I go to the front to inform the auction house of where to deposit my cloak, I also inform the auctioneer about the last owner of our piece of evidence, or rather if it was even purchased here. I am escorted to a stall back beyond the stage with a screen in the wall opposite me. After a long time of sitting and imagining myself flitting about in my lovely new cloak, a figure appears on the screen and wishes to examine the blade.

But the Head Auctioneer, being a man of absolute discreetness and subtlety, at first refused to tell me if anyone who looked like the man who purchased the assassin slave had been at the auction. But it was then that I realized that it was those very things about his character that were giving me the answer! Someone matching that description was here just over a month ago and purchased this blade! The fact it was sold at near the same time as the assassin slave gave me hope that this was no coincidence.

It is now, with an enlightened mind and a new found veracity for this case that we of Fleet Hargraves shall go forth and unravel this mystery!

Darrius: For Dessert: The Lieges' Assassin
Duty-Bound to Play the Bloodhound

I thought as we landed at Footfall that we had finally put the byzantine labyrinth behind us. I’d never have stepped foot on that rock had I known we were about to dive head first into a haystack in search of needles.

It was clear from the booty and residual bloodlust that all of us had gear fever. We needed provisions, toys, and ammunition, and were well on our way to unwrap presents before the landing dust had settled.

It helped that we were Rogue Traders with good fortune at our backs, but it was pivotal that we essentially became the stewards of this dusty rock the second we stepped foot on it. Having the prestigious Captian Jace Hargrave in our ranks certainly improved one’s situation from the outset, where ever one found themselves in the Void.

Of course, with rank comes duty in tandem with privilege. We were asked to meet with the city’s Liege for dinner immediately upon arrival. It was here that the situation took a turn for the worse.

I didn’t care much for the chatter had at the table before the “incident”, but having asked my obligatory EAA inquiry, I was content to let the jovial sloth with his marionette strings dangling for all to see, banter on about nothing with half an ear cocked.

Which is why I was surprised that the assassin got the jump on me, let alone on us all. But there it was, a Serving Girl evaporating suddenly into a brute with a hidden blade, already inserted into the Liege’s throat, blood blooming into a rose blossom on his lapel like red wine carelessly splashed in a bout of intoxication.

I sometimes feel the hand of fate sweeping me briskly onto the path of destiny when I start to stray. But at other times, I can see the way, know the future through the projecting power of synchronicity, and things seem to just…click. I am firmly on the path, in complete harmony with the universe as I let it bend me to its will. This was just such a time.

I knew we had to act quickly, and having given up our weapons (despite my best attempts at concealment), my manacles were the only form of immediate restraint.

I willed myself to hurdle across the table and tackle the brute to the ground, faster than any other in the room. Fate had agreed with my assessment, and swept me once again onto the dusty road of destiny.

This fateful burst of Agility became the winning stroke. We wrangled the brute a few more seconds before I finally restrained it with the help of the Ork. Unfortunately, it would prove only a temporary confinement…

The situation seemingly resolved, I made a B-Line for my weapons, pushing aside the guards to gain access to the locker in the other room. At this same moment, apparently, the brute was in the throes of suicide; a hidden tooth-pill. Clever…someone else had to have had a hand in planning this from the sheer sophistication of it all.

Tech-Priest Atticus Casare managed to keep the Liege alive through a miracle of Medicae and ritualistic-tech-juices, though in what capacity remains to be seen.

So for dessert, we were served an obligatory job to investigate this assassination attempt and root out the conspirators. The ‘Needles’.

Now we have a slew of potential leads, scattered about and seemingly unrelated, ‘red as a herring can get’ as the saying goes. An opportunity perhaps to close in on my latest lead on the EAA, but where to start? The ‘Haystack’.

My only consolation is having the time needed to train with my melee weapons. I’ve been picking up some techniques from the Ork as he attempts to wield 2 now that his precious Choppa’ is dismantled.

I must say, I do like the idea of using both my swords…or perhaps a sword and pistol? We’ll see what I dig up in the haystack…

A culinary review


I ‘afta say, da best part a’ livin wiff humies is da grub. Sum of da stuff da boss ‘as givin’ mez puts da grub at dat I ‘ad wif da boyz ta shame, ’specially dis stuff boss callz “kaaveear.” Anywayz, afta gearin’ up wif sum fancy new choppas (rest in piece Ol’ faiful, youz wuz too gud fo’ diz wurld) sum mekked out humie git gave da krew QUITE a feast! Neva ‘av I been so awed, it wuz a display a’ wunnerful grub frum akros da kozmoz! Not only wuz da grub tasty but it even came wif a fight! Wunnadem servin’ gitz killed da mekked out humie, but I’z kikked dat sorry git’z kan wif no trubble. Strong tho, nearly managed ta push me offa ‘im. On a side note, why do humies gotta kill eachuvver all sneaky-like? Why kan’t ya miserable gitz just fight it out like reasonable boyz!?

(Sybill from off mic) Biggz, please stay on topic.

Oh, right. Sorry boss. Overall, dat wuz probably da best meal I ’ad since I signed on ta dis gig, so I givez it FIVE STARS!

(audible sigh from Sybill)



The First Day at Footfall
Would you like a side of MURDER with that?

We have finally departed from the Egarian nightmare dig site and have rejoined the fleet. Uggh, honestly this was a draining experience but I’m quite pleased in our acquisition of the Hollow Atlas. A useful tool in future expeditions, to be sure, and if not at least it makes a lovely paperweight.

We have over a week until we get to Footfall to drop off the Kasbasillica adepts and make our report to their representative, and I am loathe to misuse well-earned relaxation. I spend a good amount of this time in my quarters rearranging it as befits my new opinion. I’d been perfectly content with it’s appearance before I left and now it just looks gauche.

I begin changing the drapes and furnishings from scarlet to a deep violet with the aid of some of my more exotic throws and sheets. Also, from my linen chest, I retrieve a set of pale yellow pillow cases to contrast the hangings.

It is at this point I realize that this is a waste of my time.

The rest of the trip is spent meditating and speaking with Adept Scelene Zpha about other artifacts and texts uncovered at the site. I wish to make myself as knowledgeable as I can before reporting.

At Footfall itself we are met by servants of Liege Tanthus Moross, the supposed leader of this settlement. We will be dining with the Kasbasillica representative at this function as well, so it seems to be a “two birds with one stone” arrangement to me. And far be it for me to turn down the request of a meal and some conversation with the local legislature.

The only irksome thing about this place though is the locals’ insistence that Biggz be sent to Footfall’s Xenosium for the duration of our stay. I can understand their wariness towards certain xenos (orks, especially), but as an effect of my mental hold or perhaps his own intelligence my ork companion has become rather polite. I’d equate his manners at this point to a rather rude uncle who has had a tad to much to drink at dinner. So I ignore their advice and simply flash his registration card at anyone who asks. If it’s fine enough behavior for their uncles it’s fine enough for Biggz.

Our group reaches the Liege’s disgustingly lavish home with great fanfare and quite a few topless women wandering around the Liege’s throne. He is a large man with many ornate and expensive mechanized limbs and other such extremities. At the table with us are the The Kasballica Mission representativeVladaym Tocara and a local priest by the name ofPreacher Ywane. The meal begins well enough, Captian Jace Hargrave begins speaking with Mr. Tocara, likely about the dig and the possibility of finding other maze cities while Tech-Priest Atticus Casare sidles up next to the Liege and admires all the man’s augmentations.

As Biggz continues to eat everything and I sample the Liege’s wine to my heart’s content, a commotion breaks out down the table. There’s blood coming from the Liege’s neck! And a blade! An assassin is in our midst; it’s one of those scantily-clad slave women! But… her arm is the blade, wait, what?

No time, I try to get the slave women to the door while my comrades handles the adversary at hand. The door’s been sealed shut! I take out my laspistol and request the girls stand back. As they do, I fire on the lock and watch it evaporate. With the lock gone, the door is opened and soldiers pool in. I drop my pistol, seeing that the assassin has been handled deftly by the crew. But the culprit was a serving slave just a moment ago, now it’s taken on the appearance of a muscled man. What’s going on?

After we’ve cleared up that it was not us who attempted to kill the Liege and the assassin has now escaped justice by poisoning themself, Atticus helps him to a recharging throne to recuperate and hopefully heal. The chief of Liege Tanthus’ guard informs me that the Liege of Footfall is simply a figurehead position, something to give the appearance of order. Not only that, but the only people who actually have control in Footfall are Rogue Traders like us. The second one comes into port, they are Footfall’s authority. Which means uncovering this conspiracy falls to the Hargraves family.

Meaning this team, which apparently means just me as my distant cousins decide to go shopping instead of get any idea who could have the most reason for targeting the Liege. It’s an aggravating task. Footfall has no standing police force of it’s own, so I assume the role of the detective and begin questioning Tanthus Moross’ entire staff using a simple mental probe. Shortly after, the captain of the guard returns to tell me there’s been a messenger waiting to speak with the Liege since before the attempt on his life.

I seek them immediately and find a dirty woman holding the missive. I convince her to give it to me and send her on her way. The message has only a single sentence: “Beware those closest to you.” The captain tells me it was most likely sent by The Seven Witches, an anonymous group that apparently acted as sporadic and cryptic consult to Tanthus. Their existence is recognized, but not entirely proven.

Later Atticus meets with me, saying he’s extracted some data from the resting liege. They’re lists of people and places relevant to the Liege, names that have come up all too much today. This is it. We start here. If I can find The Seven Witches and follow up on these leads, perhaps a new glory can be brought to the Hargaves family with the closing of this case. Maybe this corrupt little settlement will unravel with it. All I know for certain is that the game is afoot.

Darrius: The Center of Chaos
First Blood & Horrors Beyond Imagination

The gaping chasm was briefly discussed before a quick walk through various rooms yet unexplored. Inexorably we arrived back at the dark hole. With quick thinking, we made use of the crystals and some rope, relying on their fusing properties to construct a crude tight rope walk, that we used for passage to the other side.

In a brief lapse of judgment, I slipped and lost my holding as I tried to cross the chasm, but was able to recover and brace against the fall as I swung into the wall with my safety rope. Who’d have thought that helping my brother Godwinne train for the EAA on the rockwall as his bilayer would pay dividends down the road. May his spirit rest in peace.

I had little time to recover before entering the next room. Little did we know what awaited us as we followed the eldar in pursuit of the Holo Atlas…

The strangest, most hideous of creatures attacked us in the next room, crawling in an eerie fashion with it’s twisted, semi-human limbs. The battle was gritty, and quick.

The ork went into a rage, some terrible mix of fear and bloodlust that made it clear we were now as much the foe as this crawling human mutation before us.

The strikes were heavy and the counterattacks vicious, but with some careful aim, I was able to blast the beast after it pounced on our position.

With blade in hand, we fought and eventually felled it.

I barely remember the next moments, as we acquired the artifact from the eldar and made haste out of the maze and onto a rescue ship. The thankful dig crew decided to accept our offer of passage and we made out way back to the fleet. Now all that remains is to make good use of this artifact as the hunt continues…

The one Biggz doesn't like to talk about

vox log begins

Lousy gitz alwayz interruptin’ me! Uhh….where wuz I?

Oh, right! Afta butcherin’ dem krystal buggies, boss talked wif dat pointy ear git. It told us at dere’s some REAL good loot in da centa of da city! Afta sum mo’ ‘splorin’ ‘round dis BORIN’ mazey city, we got to da centa. The only excitin’ fing dat ‘appened on da wayz wuz laffin’ at sum poor humie sods while dey ‘ad to werk extra ’ard ta get mez across some krak in da rok. Anywayz, da centa ’ad diz HUGE crazy git, and I…I’z… uhhh..

( long pause )

( loud sigh )

( Quieter, as if being yelled far away from the vox recorder) BOSS, DO I’Z HAFTA TELL DA NEXT PART!?
(Authoritative, human voice) Yes, Biggz. EVERYTHING!
( long, anguished sigh)

I…. wuz scared. Well, not jus’ scared. ‘orrified! I ’ad to leg it, dat fing wuz jus’ TOO FREAKY!
I musta blakked out in fear, cuz I don’t rememba much afta dat.

I woke up latah, and dat freaky git wuz gud n’ ded, chopped up gud ‘e wuz. Boss looked exhausted, and da rest of da krew wuz lookin’ at mez wif mo’ fear in dere eyez den usual. Guess Imma bit of a loud sleepa, heh.

Anywayz, Mek Boy grabbed da loot we wuz afta, den dat eldar git opened a wayz ta get outta da mazey city quick. We salvaged da krooza we landed on, den wez wuz on our way bak to da fleet.

All in all, It wuz an alright gig. May ‘ave been pretty borin’, but I got ta kill sum new n’ different gitz, an’ I got plenty a’ bitz for new medulz. Boss sez wez headin’ ta sum place called Footfall now, sum big humie planet. I’m lookin’ forward to findin’ sum new choppas, poor Ol’ Faithful. She wuz a good choppa… click

vox log ends

Darrius: Amazing Retreat
Out of the rat's fray and into the rat's nest...

We’ve just sealed ourselves in the Maze City. I can barely catch my breath, but the camp has been overrun. We were out at the dig site not moments ago, in a hasty retreat as I tried to usher the dig personnel past the city walls where we setup a make-shift barricade.

I still can’t believe we couldn’t hold them back. When the rat creatures attacked the city walls, we held our side well enough, but Overseer Leerus and his cronies couldn’t fight worth shit to save the encampment, and we were forced to flee our position or risk being flanked from 3 sides.

Apparently our astropath made contact with the fleet, and help is on the way. Protocol suggests at this point that we hold our position with a few men and venture into the city for an alternate exit. Then we can get coord’s to the fleet for a pickup. Hopefully I don’t have to kill one of the cronies to get Leerus in line, that last bloke was lucky I didn’t ’example him with my pistol…

I’ve been lost in jungles before, but this city maze is daunting to say the least. The fleet better get here soon…

After rigging a bomb in case the rats decided to follow, we embarked on the painstaking run through the maze city. I fought off bouts of claustrophobia and de-ja-vu as we combed through the city in meticulous fashion. Apparently there were tracks of some sort that interested the rat hunter. Having no preference on direction, I followed with the rest of the group deeper into the abyss…


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