Dominus Supra Omnia

You are the scion of the Exalted Rogue Trader Lord, Baltasar Hargrave. And though this is a great honor, it is one that you share with countless others. The Venerable Lord’s wives number in the scores and he counts his years as seventy two and a hundred besides. His children, grand children, nieces, nephews and so on are innumerable, but that does not mean that being of his blood does not come along with its benefits.

A rogue trader command ship is crewed by Tens of thousands, and the Lords progeny count well into the 1000s, there is easily a place of honor and responsibility for each and every one amongst the crew. Though Lord Hargrave has outlived many of his heirs, his ninth son is the ships commander, his seventh son’s seventh son is the ships navigator, and so on and do on. Some have grown up within the fleet, a child of the black of space, while others were raised upon your Mother’s home worlds and take after that side of their heritage. Most every sort of man in the Imperium can be found in the Lord’s family tree. You are one of these honored many, and as such you too have an important role to fill. The trader fleet cannot be bothered to investigate every world it passes, and it’s awesome might is ill spent on dealing with primitive locals, and uncorroborated rumors, but neither has Baltasar grown to greatness by ignoring such petty concerns.

You and your companions crew one of the fleet’s many outrider ships. It is to the Outrider’s that the tasks of exploration and investigation fall. To that end, Outrider ships are outfitted with their own short range warp drives, armament and supplies for extended sorties, and a crew of trustworthy scions of Lord Hargrave himself. Much as the Rogue Trader Lords are given great leeway within the Imperium of Man by the Trading Charters bestowed upon them by the Emperor, Outriders are given carte blanch to deal with the opportunities and dangers they encounter as they see fit. All to the glory of the Emperor, of the Imperium, and of the Lord’s Fleet.

Fleet Hargrave

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