The Eldar are amongst the oldest remaining species in the galaxy, with some suggesting that they may have existed for millions of years before Mankind built its first stone tools. It is thought that, at one point, the Eldar ruled an empire of such size and might that it would dwarf the Imperium of Man. However, for reasons none but the Eldar themselves know, it collapsed, leaving the Eldar scattered across the galaxy, a pale reflection of their former might. For all they have lost, however, the Eldar are still powerful, possessing sophisticated technology and powerful psykers reputed to be able to tell the future with uncanny accuracy, and graced with an ageless talent for warfare and voidfaring that makes them deadly in spite of their depleted numbers.

Eldar within the expanse:
Craftworld Kaelor Children of Thorns
Twilight Sword Corsairs Crow Spirits

Within the Calixis Sector the Eldar have historically been a rare sight, with artefacts scattered across the region capable of projecting psychic beacons that warn others away. Many have wondered if the Eldar consider the place cursed, and why such an ancient and powerful species would be reluctant to travel there. Nonetheless, the Eldar do pass through Calixis at times, but seem to frequent the Expanse more. Several distinct factions seem to call the Koronus Expanse their home. For the most part, they choose not to involve themselves in local matters, seldom dealing with humanity save where it is absolutely necessary, and even then only for brief periods, often with bloodshed rather than with negotiations.

Yet, in spite of their typically isolationist attitude, the Eldar within the Koronus Expanse are getting bolder and sightings of their craft are becoming more frequent. It is whispered that so long-lived a species cannot act without great forethought, and that the Eldar do not do things without a reason, even if that reason may not be understood by man. Something is drawing them to the Expanse against their better judgment and the advice of their forebears, and few would be foolhardy enough to say that their presence heralds something good.


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