Fleet Hargrave

Crystalline Rats
A Ratter’s Guide to Ratty Ratting, part the second

Following rats in a crystalline surfaced cave can be very tricky.

A simple way to offset the lack of tracks (as they will not appear in the transparent rock) is to look for droppings (see chapter 973: Poop). Droppings are usually brown and taste like the inside of melon seeds. They contain bits of soil undigested by the rats, and so often have a crunchy way about them.

If droppings can’t be found, as was the case in the mazes of the Rat Ghouls, you are basically out of luck.

The can be a good thing, however, as the local vermin might be in a semi-liquid crystal gel form, and therefore easy to outrun. The unfortunate aspect of this is that crystal on crystal is easy to miss until you are right on top of it. If this be your plight, I recommend keeping a tight leash on the slower and foolishly inquisitive members of your team, or else they might stick their faces into a Crystalline Rat’s nest.

Thrills! Action! Romance!?


Rememba when I’z sed dat I’z wuz eksited about dis gig? I WUZ WRONG TO BE SO FULLAOPE!
Insted a’ bein’ a wundaful cave a’ buggy boyz ta krush, dis “maze city” place wuz the most BORIN’ trek yet. We musta spent wut felt like DAYZ trakkin’ dat pointy ear, passin’ by room afta borin’ room. We DID get into a kupple o’ gudd fights, one wit sum see-thru hoomie gitz dat, beeleve it o’ not, managed to ‘urt yours truly! Rat boy wuz impressed, he kept yellin’ to da others ta ‘ide behind me! Can’t say I’z blame him, I AM the tuffest git this miserable lot ‘as eva laid eyes on. Mo’ gud fights for me!

Anywayz, the otha fight we gotz in wuz da WURST. Deez lil’ krystal bug fings kept spawnin’ from dis pit a’ odd gubbinz, and dey managed to ‘urt me somfin bad. Mek boy patched me up gud, I fink I like wut ’e duz betta den Doks bak wif me ol’ crew. Me an’ chief put dem gubbinz ta rest wif sum explosive dakka, which brightened an othawize DREARY day.

So den I’z.. (background chatter)
WUT!? (more chatter)
(yelps of fear)
Ugh… give us a sekund ’ere….(CLICK)


Darrius: Wrong Turn and We're Stuck Here
And We're 'Digging' Ourselves Deeper...

What kind of shite piloting was that? I expected more from someone so far up the bloodline, but he just near crashed us on this planet, here at The Omega Dig.

At least he made the landing pad.

No bother. There’s some military scags on this rock that may know something about my ex-EAA compatriot. Need to find the man in charge here…

After surveying the dig site with the rest of the crew, we made a somewhat tense introduction with the dig site’s military escort, and it’s leader, Overseer Leerus. An odd fellow. Dressed like a military man, but clearly has no formal training given his misunderstanding of the lingo.

How could he not see that a 4 man tactical formation is needed here? Given the walls and coverage of this site, the guns leave a gap in their pivot circumference that exposes certain sections of the wall.

Never mind, we’ll get to the defenses in due time…

We settled in and reviewed the artifacts. Strange that they have some kind of biological residue that I’ve never seen before. The dig crew seems seasoned, but I hear whispers of disappearances and the men seem afraid…

We’re under attack! What the fuck are these rat creatures!? To the WALLS!

Maze Running
Where There Is No Parkour, But Much in Insectoid Slaying

The screaming sounds, it turns out, were very xenos in nature. Just beyond the wall of the dig site, a mob of intent insect type xenos descend on the walls of the encampment.

Well, it would appear that Overseer Leerus claims of there being no hostile creatures in the area were a severe and most annoying overstatement. And now our only option is to assist the wall guards in some sort of defense. With my trusty (albeit expensive) archeotech pistol I am able to help drop a few of the foul creatures, but it’s my handy, giant pet that shines in this battle.

Truly, the way he goes about decapitations is a real work of art. Never a more efficient murder tool have I ever seen.

We quickly realize that the xenos are also seizing the other walls around the encampment and decide to rather make for the “so-called-cursed-but-still-fairly-ominous” maze ruins than become the next meal of our brutal aggressors. A fair amount of the dig site crew makes it with us as we block the entrance way with a tank and I send out a distress call into the great astropathic choir that is our psychic network. Surely, there will be a rescue team soon.

What’s really got a thorn in my paw is the fact that despite warnings from his adepts and archeologists, Overseer Leerus decided to NOT come forward with the news of his missing men (we had to learn that elsewhere), the existence of these many-legged insectoid xenos trying to eat us (Biggz and Tech-Priest Atticus Casare learned that for us as well), and STILL had hopes of us giving him any money at all for this hell hole of an expedition! The impropriety of it all! Even coming from rogue trader stock, the way this man values funding over crew is remarkably foul.

We find the body of one of the dig site’s missing member shortly after entry into maze itself. I stay with the corpse looking for signs of foul play other than the giant teeth marks in the body while the rest filter back into a large room adjunct to us with many doors. Whilst there, Darrius and Biggz found that one of the doors was slightly ajar with a one Adept Scelene Zpha being cornered by yet one another of the bug formed monstrosites that attacked us earlier. The work in dispatching the thing is fast, by the time I get there, dear terrible Biggz is holding up some organ as a trophy, apparently an artificial lung or something, and I tell him that it’s disgusting and to put it away. Because, well, it is.

We decide on another door instead and find a spacious room with indentations in the floor and individual beams of light trained on each one. We place one of our own crystal fragments in it and see that with this, the crystal pieces may bind together. I begin to think that this knowledge is only good if we ever decide to start selling unsolvable puzzle cubes out of the crystalline material that we have found when a figure on the other side of the hall catches our vision.

Well, my oh my, an unlikely place but… it’s an Eldar! So few of them left, I’m surprised one is traveling alone. We try to give chase but a passage opens in the wall and the xenos ducks away into before we can pursue.

And, of course, my “cousins” and I spend a minute more thinking about it… and resume the hunt.

Rat Ghouls
Excript from:

A Ratter’s Guide to Ratty Ratting, part the first

By Kazzar the Ratter

It’s important to remember when ratting, to always be aware of larger predators. While laden with tools to kill ratty rats, you may find that you are ill equipped to deal with bigger animals that come along (however rat like they may be).

This is because small bullets don’t kill big things so quickly. Many larger animals are more durable than rats.

Take the time when I was at the crystal mine (or whatever it was) in the expanse. Oh my now there were some animals. Big ones attacking the camp called " RAT GHOULS "!

Rat Ghouls are similar to Rats, except that they are much bigger, and scaly instead of hairy. They are very powerful, and my bullets barely phased them.

We fled into the caves below and found a fortune in rectangle crystals.

Moral: Rats run from us to get back to there rat-happiness, if you can’t kill a rat, run from it, and that will lead you to human-happiness.

First Data Log of Tech Priest Atticus Cesare
The Alien Mechanism; A Perversion of the True Path

Data Log of Tech Priest Atticus Casare

“All glory to the Omnissiah, who directs our footsteps along the path to knowledge.”


Egaria Omega is a hunted planet. Or perhaps the Omega Dig Expedition are a hunted folk. Yes, perhaps they are, for I do not yet see what other force might have attracted Rak’Gol. If the allure of dark secrets called to this Xenos, they would have come before. Yet perhaps these creatures resided in the twisting maze before the dig began. I do yearn to know, for with them, the Rak’Gol bring forgotten gifts of the Omnissiah — fantastic bionic organs and grafted weapons, proud machines torn from the loving embrace of caretakers past. My senses and sensors are aroused by the thought of recovering these lost treasures and seeing them restored in service to the Machine God.

For the time being, though, we are safer inside the crawling, monolithic expanse of the city of mazes. I am pleased by the high rate of surviving Xenos archaeologists after the Rak’gul assault, for their insight will be invaluable as we march into the heart of the city. And as far as I care to admit, our family owes a great deal to the Astropath Sybil, for her Orkish Thrall has thus far rendered great Xenos threats null before they cause us harm. I shall see to it that they are rewarded, and further encouraged to protect and guide our cause.

However, I have made up my mind in considering the fiscal security of funding the Omega Dig: Their organization is pitiful. Their leadership is plagued with complacency and deceit. At every corner, their grave mistakes and losses are swept under the rug, like carcass hidden in a closet — but I can smell the stench. Their pride is childish, and misguided. As an institution, they deserve no backing. Not from the Hargrave coffers.

I recite the Ninth Warning of the Mechanicus with great reverence: “The alien mechanism is a perversion of the true path,” for it would seem the Eldar (Mysterious Eldar) are here. Shattering whatever alien purposes they have on Egaria Omega shall prove most righteous.

The inner city itself, though, still beckons with an icy finger, and inaudible promises of understanding embrace me. Rooms exist inside, rich with secrets of the city’s alluring structure and ephemeral purpose.

~ Within the walls of this alien maze I find solace,
~ alone with a thousand unknown truths ready to be understood.
~ Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension.
~ Comprehension is the key to all things.

Annoted, but not read

audio log begins


Wuz a right gud day, dat wun. Afta wot’s felt like foreva, da boss finally getz a gig wif some real gud fightin’. ‘Ere we are, at annuver PAINFULLY borin’ gig, looken at fancy roks n wotnotz, n’ outta nowhere I ‘eard sumfin I ain’t ‘eard in forreva, th’ siren song of any reasonable git, the dakka of a big ol’ fight! Shoota fire! Exploshunz! ‘Orrible screamz o’ pain! O’, ’ow me ’eart skipped a beat! It wuz a proper WAAAAAAGH!

A ‘uge numba of deez mekked out bug boyz wuz invadin’ th’ dig! We brought a good fight ta dem at da wallz, wif me persunally killin’ da most, o’ course. Th’ rest o’ da dig wuz overrun wif deez gitz, so many dat even I couldn’t kill ‘em all! Da kap’n ordered us ta retreat (audible spit) to diz rokky maze, sayin’ dat deez buggy boyz wuld
eventually leave th’ dig afta runnin’ outta gitz ta kill.

I wuz ‘eartbrokin, thinkin’ o’ losin’ out on anuvva gud fight, but da boss told me… uh… uhmm… wot wos it… (long pause) UHHHHHHHHH…. Hrm….. Meh. Don’t matta.

Afta wanderin’ (but mostly followin ‘round whereva th’ mekk boy led us) da maze for awhile, I got a wunderful pair o’ presents! Da first wuz a fight wiff a right stompy bug boy, ‘ho wuz tryin’ ta kill some hoomie. He wuz a good fight, a tuff git for sure, but a couple good hitz wif Ol’ Faithful, me trusty choppa, an’ he wuz dedder den a grot between two ’ungry boyz! I found sum ~ FANCY ~ bitz on dat git, ’is gutz made sum real snazzy medals.

Da second pressie wuz findin’ somfin I ’aven’t ‘ad th’ pleasure of killin’ in a LONG time, pointy ears! It saw us, and not surprisin’ to ANYONE, dey legged it! An’ den- (micro bead chatter)
Uh…. (more chatter)
Yeh, be right dere boss… (CLICK)

audio log ends

Labyrinths and Lies
An Introductory Guide to Living as a Cursed Archaeologist

With much respect to our fearless Captian Jace, our distant cousin’s landings need a lot of work.

Upon meeting with the dig crew, there was already something strange about these people. They really expected to have the funds of the Hargrave Clan without intense scrutiny on the work they’ve completed and what artifacts they’ve uncovered? Preposterous! As fate would have it, speaking with Adept Scelene Zpha, one of the xenoarchaeologists, proved quite useful.

There seems to be someone or someTHING spiriting away their workforce in the night. At first I simply thought the missing men were simply deserting the project as they found it to be more and more fruitless and the labyrinth to still be impenetrable. But the fear in their eyes, the shifting of their stance, and the mystery the labyrinth itself holds in its very composition and reason for being… well, I’ve heard of much worse and less believable things since joining the family enterprise.

But the sound of bolter fire and the lack of my xenos companion shifts the attention elsewhere. A guard seems to have become crazed as the sound of gnashing teeth and screeching comes from seemingly everywhere… something… something psyonic and powerful is here.

Darrius: Hot Diggity!
Assessing the Value of Interstellar Real Estate

Fresh on the trail of Tor Hallstad, I found myself acquainted with a motley crew of Hargrave’s kin. I lament that the decision to get involved with the Rogue Traders was purely out of necessity; this would be the fastest way to grind out that EAA scum once and for all.

Our first assignment was to head down to a remote planet and assist the Cas Basilika with a dig. Our specific task was to assess the value of the dig site to the Rogue Traders. Easy enough.

The Basilika would certainly be a good starting point to try and eek out another lead to follow. We’ll see how this goes…

Dominus Supra Omnia

The adventure begins!
Captian Jace Hargrave, Kazzar the Ratter, Tech-Priest Atticus Casare, Darrius, Sybil & Biggz are sent to The Omega Dig on Egaria Omega in The Egarian Dominion to survey the expedition’s progress and report on whether or not it would be wise to invest in the venture.


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