Eldar Farseer Helmet

The Armored helmet once belonging to an Eldar Farseer

Locations AP Wt Qualities Avalibility
Head 4 14 kg Best Unique

As with all Eldar weapons and armour, this white and gold helmet was more grown than manufactured, at the hands of a skilled Bonesinger, one of the architects of the Eldar’s cities and masters of shaping the wraithbone. Each one is crafted for a specific owner and made with his or her body in mind. An Eldar’s weapons or armour are rarely as effective in the hands of a human as the Eldar it was created for, the imprinted psychic purpose lost to the blunt mind of mankind. The bright blue gem affixed to the front of the helm seems to almost glow with an inner light.


Sybil obtained this incredible Xenos collectors’ piece from the Obsidian Emporial on Footfall.

Eldar Farseer Helmet

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