Bionic Respiratory System

Good Quality Bionic Respiratory System


Common bionic lungs and implanted respiratory systems
mimic the action of human lungs and keep the body supplied
with oxygen. Such characters gain a +20 bonus to Toughness
Tests made to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons.

Poor bionic lungs offer the same benefits as the Common
system. However, they are raucously loud affairs and characters
suffer a –20 penalty to all Silent Move checks. A generally poor
oxygen supply to the body means all tests involving strenuous
physical activity are increased by one level of Difficulty.

Good bionic lungs count as a full life support system—
thus if for any reason the user’s own respiratory system fails,
his bionic lungs will keep his blood oxygenated—and their
presence may be unnoticeable if designed to be so.


This bionic augmentation appears to be of a design similar to the long dead Yu’vath race. Biggz tore it from the carcass of a defeated Rak’Gol Broodmaster and currently has possession of it, though Tech-Priest Atticus Casare continually attempts to examine it further.

After acquiring it from Biggz, Atticus has installed these within himself.

Bionic Respiratory System

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