Adept Scelene Zpha

The Omega Dig’s foremost scholar.


Adept Zpha is harried looking middle-aged woman who might appear attractive if she paid any attention to her appearances. Her short-cropped hair and multi-lense autospectacles make her look more like an Administratum clerk than a field-researcher.


Scelene Zpha is an experienced xenoarchaeologist, raised amongst a minor noble clan on Malfi in the Calixis Sector. As the twelfth child, she was to be married off to the son of a middling merchant concern upon reaching majority. Zpha fled before her marriage day, and within a year was using her in greatest asset—her intelligence—to get by. She fell in with a number of less-than-salubrious groups, and eventually found herself out in the Expanse, working for the Kasballica Mission as an apprentice xenoarchaeologist. It wasn’t long before Zpha had been inducted into many secrets of xenos lore, and her thirst for knowledge and her great intellect soon saw her rise to a high position. Despite her fierce intelligence Zpha is largely innocent to the realities of the Cold Trade, approaching her job with purely intellectual zeal. It is only of late that she has begun to feel concern that all is not well on Egaria Omega, and that the artefacts she has helped dig up may have something to do with the recent disappearances.

-Heroically saved by Biggz from a Rak’Gol~

Adept Scelene Zpha

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