Preacher Ywane

Self-styled moral compass of Footfall


Preacher Ywane is in fact not a true priest of the Ecclesiarchy but a weak-willed fool, driven by a surfeit of opinions but lacking in the stomach or true conviction to follow them through. Years ago, Ywane went by another name ,and it is said fled from some debt or misfortune and came to Footfall, where he found the Light of the Emperor and ordained himself as a “preacher of the Emperor’s Truth.” He has subsequently tried to build himself a position of political and moral authority in Footfall but has so far failed to achieve anything beyond becoming the spineless tool of others. He is also an ally of the Kasballica Mission, a fact that he believes is a complete secret but is in fact widely known across the void-settlement, and he acts as their mouthpiece in the Liege’s Court. This cowardly alliance has in no small way kept the false preacher alive through years of foolery and mischance.


Preacher Ywane was present during the failed assaination attempt on Liege Tanthus Moross. Although more than happy to assist the Crew, Ywane seems to possess little and less useful information.

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Preacher Ywane

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