Overseer Leerus

Leader of the Omega Expedition


In appearance, Leerus is imposing and large, a powerful man running a bit too fat as the years of administration catch up to him, and tanned from working under dozens of different stars, and accentuates this by wearing impressive-looking military uniforms invented by himself. He affects a haughty and proud demeanour, and truly believes the situation he finds himself in is beneath his talents. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Leerus is a bitter man. He covets the riches that would enable him to rise within the Mission or even establish himself as a rival.


The leader of the Egaria Omega expedition is a man known as Overseer Leerus, a long-serving agent of the Kasballica Mission. Leerus is well known in the circles of the Cold Trade, for he has led a number of expeditions into the Koronus Expanse. Despite his many successes, Leerus remains a relatively small cog in the workings of the Kasballica Mission, for he lacks the personal means to purchase a sizable stake in any of its investments, and must therefore serve, rather than lead. Never a man to tolerate failure in his underlings, Leerus has become a downright tyrant of late, pushing the staff of the Omega Dig ever harder in an effort to deliver results.

Overseer Leerus

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