Captain Bren

Leader of Leerus’ corps of Mercenaries


Bren is the leader of Leerus’ corps of mercenary guards, and he has served the Overseer and the Kasballica Mission for several decades. A compact, muscular, and scar covered man, Bren never talks of his past, though the range of skills he exhibits suggests that he must surely have served in a formal military institution such as the Imperial Guard. In truth, Bren has seen and done it all, from service in the Emperor’s armies to rubbing shoulders with the worst recidivist scum the galaxy has ever produced.


Bren was raised in war, born of refugees from the horrors of the Jericho Reach, and he has lived in war ever since, selling his services to the highest bidder, from crime boss to Inquisitor. Over the years, Bren has become increasingly withdrawn. He regards those under his command as weapons, with no more or less value than the lasguns they wield. He is loyal to his employer, and sees risking his life for another as the cruel reality of war. He knows that one day war will claim him, and many would say that Bren is simply treading water until that day arrives.

Captain Bren

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