Fleet Hargrave

The First Day at Footfall

Would you like a side of MURDER with that?

We have finally departed from the Egarian nightmare dig site and have rejoined the fleet. Uggh, honestly this was a draining experience but I’m quite pleased in our acquisition of the Hollow Atlas. A useful tool in future expeditions, to be sure, and if not at least it makes a lovely paperweight.

We have over a week until we get to Footfall to drop off the Kasbasillica adepts and make our report to their representative, and I am loathe to misuse well-earned relaxation. I spend a good amount of this time in my quarters rearranging it as befits my new opinion. I’d been perfectly content with it’s appearance before I left and now it just looks gauche.

I begin changing the drapes and furnishings from scarlet to a deep violet with the aid of some of my more exotic throws and sheets. Also, from my linen chest, I retrieve a set of pale yellow pillow cases to contrast the hangings.

It is at this point I realize that this is a waste of my time.

The rest of the trip is spent meditating and speaking with Adept Scelene Zpha about other artifacts and texts uncovered at the site. I wish to make myself as knowledgeable as I can before reporting.

At Footfall itself we are met by servants of Liege Tanthus Moross, the supposed leader of this settlement. We will be dining with the Kasbasillica representative at this function as well, so it seems to be a “two birds with one stone” arrangement to me. And far be it for me to turn down the request of a meal and some conversation with the local legislature.

The only irksome thing about this place though is the locals’ insistence that Biggz be sent to Footfall’s Xenosium for the duration of our stay. I can understand their wariness towards certain xenos (orks, especially), but as an effect of my mental hold or perhaps his own intelligence my ork companion has become rather polite. I’d equate his manners at this point to a rather rude uncle who has had a tad to much to drink at dinner. So I ignore their advice and simply flash his registration card at anyone who asks. If it’s fine enough behavior for their uncles it’s fine enough for Biggz.

Our group reaches the Liege’s disgustingly lavish home with great fanfare and quite a few topless women wandering around the Liege’s throne. He is a large man with many ornate and expensive mechanized limbs and other such extremities. At the table with us are the The Kasballica Mission representativeVladaym Tocara and a local priest by the name ofPreacher Ywane. The meal begins well enough, Captian Jace Hargrave begins speaking with Mr. Tocara, likely about the dig and the possibility of finding other maze cities while Tech-Priest Atticus Casare sidles up next to the Liege and admires all the man’s augmentations.

As Biggz continues to eat everything and I sample the Liege’s wine to my heart’s content, a commotion breaks out down the table. There’s blood coming from the Liege’s neck! And a blade! An assassin is in our midst; it’s one of those scantily-clad slave women! But… her arm is the blade, wait, what?

No time, I try to get the slave women to the door while my comrades handles the adversary at hand. The door’s been sealed shut! I take out my laspistol and request the girls stand back. As they do, I fire on the lock and watch it evaporate. With the lock gone, the door is opened and soldiers pool in. I drop my pistol, seeing that the assassin has been handled deftly by the crew. But the culprit was a serving slave just a moment ago, now it’s taken on the appearance of a muscled man. What’s going on?

After we’ve cleared up that it was not us who attempted to kill the Liege and the assassin has now escaped justice by poisoning themself, Atticus helps him to a recharging throne to recuperate and hopefully heal. The chief of Liege Tanthus’ guard informs me that the Liege of Footfall is simply a figurehead position, something to give the appearance of order. Not only that, but the only people who actually have control in Footfall are Rogue Traders like us. The second one comes into port, they are Footfall’s authority. Which means uncovering this conspiracy falls to the Hargraves family.

Meaning this team, which apparently means just me as my distant cousins decide to go shopping instead of get any idea who could have the most reason for targeting the Liege. It’s an aggravating task. Footfall has no standing police force of it’s own, so I assume the role of the detective and begin questioning Tanthus Moross’ entire staff using a simple mental probe. Shortly after, the captain of the guard returns to tell me there’s been a messenger waiting to speak with the Liege since before the attempt on his life.

I seek them immediately and find a dirty woman holding the missive. I convince her to give it to me and send her on her way. The message has only a single sentence: “Beware those closest to you.” The captain tells me it was most likely sent by The Seven Witches, an anonymous group that apparently acted as sporadic and cryptic consult to Tanthus. Their existence is recognized, but not entirely proven.

Later Atticus meets with me, saying he’s extracted some data from the resting liege. They’re lists of people and places relevant to the Liege, names that have come up all too much today. This is it. We start here. If I can find The Seven Witches and follow up on these leads, perhaps a new glory can be brought to the Hargaves family with the closing of this case. Maybe this corrupt little settlement will unravel with it. All I know for certain is that the game is afoot.



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