Fleet Hargrave

Darrius: The Center of Chaos

First Blood & Horrors Beyond Imagination

The gaping chasm was briefly discussed before a quick walk through various rooms yet unexplored. Inexorably we arrived back at the dark hole. With quick thinking, we made use of the crystals and some rope, relying on their fusing properties to construct a crude tight rope walk, that we used for passage to the other side.

In a brief lapse of judgment, I slipped and lost my holding as I tried to cross the chasm, but was able to recover and brace against the fall as I swung into the wall with my safety rope. Who’d have thought that helping my brother Godwinne train for the EAA on the rockwall as his bilayer would pay dividends down the road. May his spirit rest in peace.

I had little time to recover before entering the next room. Little did we know what awaited us as we followed the eldar in pursuit of the Holo Atlas…

The strangest, most hideous of creatures attacked us in the next room, crawling in an eerie fashion with it’s twisted, semi-human limbs. The battle was gritty, and quick.

The ork went into a rage, some terrible mix of fear and bloodlust that made it clear we were now as much the foe as this crawling human mutation before us.

The strikes were heavy and the counterattacks vicious, but with some careful aim, I was able to blast the beast after it pounced on our position.

With blade in hand, we fought and eventually felled it.

I barely remember the next moments, as we acquired the artifact from the eldar and made haste out of the maze and onto a rescue ship. The thankful dig crew decided to accept our offer of passage and we made out way back to the fleet. Now all that remains is to make good use of this artifact as the hunt continues…



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