Fleet Hargrave

Darrius: Jurrasic Perks - The Jungles of Burnscour

'Wait, We're Hunting What Now?!'

After arriving back on the ship from Footfall, we discussed our next assignment with Commander Agrippa Lupus.

We suggested that we pursue another dig site location with some of the surviving crew we brought back from the Maze City, and he advised us that a wealthy hunter by the name of Benedict Fenhoff was searching for a great beast in the wilds of Burnscour. We obliged to pick him up and assist as we searched for the next Maze City.

After a quick stop on Footfall we headed to the planet.

Thick with overgrowth, the wilds of Burnscour were treacherous, alive, and deadly. We burned a small landing in the growth before touching down. As if the planet itself were aware of our presence, a wild pack of beasts tore through the brush and attacked our position. We let hell rain fire on them and eventually beat back the pack.

What lies ahead now?



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