Fleet Hargrave

Caught the Scent

A Distinct Dislike of Loose Ends

Our new day begins with requestioningVladaym Tocara and Preacher Ywane with little further success. Neither of them really knew the Liege that well and seemed to only spend so much time around him for business’ sake rather than comraderie. They can’t point us in any viable direction. Apparently Lieges don’t last long on Footfall to begin with. Whoever kills the Liege, seizes the title, but then why hasn’t the person behind the attempted assassination come forward?

Fortunately, there’s a small lead regarding The Tudors, a group specializing in the growing and selling of custom-made slaves. With any luck, they can point us to who purchased the assassin. Upon arrival, some of my comrades find themselves immediately lost in the “wares” this company furnishes. Kazzar the Ratter immediately began to ogle some female slaves that were, shall we say, “enthusiastic to please” while Atticus stared longingly at a special heavy weapons servitor like a child at festival eying a spinning top.

The Tudors’ leader, a man of more machinery than organic matter called The Provisor came in to meet us. As Rogue Traders and therefore the impromptu law of Footfall, he was ready to assist in any way to clear the Tudors of any suspicion. It would seemed the assassin, with his vat grown synthetic muscles and other such recognizable features, was indeed of Tudors’ make. One of their newer assassin models, sold just over a month ago to a fellow with gaunt features, strange tattoos, and wearing robes. Not surprisingly, the assassin was not sold with the strange circular patterns carved into him but it would appear those were added on later by the buyer or buyers of the unit.

After convening with the Provisor and insisting he let us know of any other information he should remember in the days to come (and somehow leaving with a lot of indecent lady slaves and a servitor big enough to attach a slide and monkey bars to), we were told to head to the Obsidian Emporial in search of where the assassins dagger may have come from. Perhaps a man of similar appearance or another accomplice acquired the weapon from there. The crystalline blade is clearly of Xenos origin, and our intel says that with an item of this nature, it more than likely came from this auction house.

Upon entering, I’m simply astounded by all the different items of both Xenos and human craft around me (I even finally give into temptation and buy myself a VERY good cloak). As I go to the front to inform the auction house of where to deposit my cloak, I also inform the auctioneer about the last owner of our piece of evidence, or rather if it was even purchased here. I am escorted to a stall back beyond the stage with a screen in the wall opposite me. After a long time of sitting and imagining myself flitting about in my lovely new cloak, a figure appears on the screen and wishes to examine the blade.

But the Head Auctioneer, being a man of absolute discreetness and subtlety, at first refused to tell me if anyone who looked like the man who purchased the assassin slave had been at the auction. But it was then that I realized that it was those very things about his character that were giving me the answer! Someone matching that description was here just over a month ago and purchased this blade! The fact it was sold at near the same time as the assassin slave gave me hope that this was no coincidence.

It is now, with an enlightened mind and a new found veracity for this case that we of Fleet Hargraves shall go forth and unravel this mystery!


Wonderful! +100xp

Caught the Scent

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