Fleet Hargrave


The one Biggz doesn't like to talk about

vox log begins

Lousy gitz alwayz interruptin’ me! Uhh….where wuz I?

Oh, right! Afta butcherin’ dem krystal buggies, boss talked wif dat pointy ear git. It told us at dere’s some REAL good loot in da centa of da city! Afta sum mo’ ‘splorin’ ‘round dis BORIN’ mazey city, we got to da centa. The only excitin’ fing dat ‘appened on da wayz wuz laffin’ at sum poor humie sods while dey ‘ad to werk extra ’ard ta get mez across some krak in da rok. Anywayz, da centa ’ad diz HUGE crazy git, and I…I’z… uhhh..

( long pause )

( loud sigh )

( Quieter, as if being yelled far away from the vox recorder) BOSS, DO I’Z HAFTA TELL DA NEXT PART!?
(Authoritative, human voice) Yes, Biggz. EVERYTHING!
( long, anguished sigh)

I…. wuz scared. Well, not jus’ scared. ‘orrified! I ’ad to leg it, dat fing wuz jus’ TOO FREAKY!
I musta blakked out in fear, cuz I don’t rememba much afta dat.

I woke up latah, and dat freaky git wuz gud n’ ded, chopped up gud ‘e wuz. Boss looked exhausted, and da rest of da krew wuz lookin’ at mez wif mo’ fear in dere eyez den usual. Guess Imma bit of a loud sleepa, heh.

Anywayz, Mek Boy grabbed da loot we wuz afta, den dat eldar git opened a wayz ta get outta da mazey city quick. We salvaged da krooza we landed on, den wez wuz on our way bak to da fleet.

All in all, It wuz an alright gig. May ‘ave been pretty borin’, but I got ta kill sum new n’ different gitz, an’ I got plenty a’ bitz for new medulz. Boss sez wez headin’ ta sum place called Footfall now, sum big humie planet. I’m lookin’ forward to findin’ sum new choppas, poor Ol’ Faithful. She wuz a good choppa… click

vox log ends



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